Tuition and Financial Aid


Since each family's situation is different and significant financial aid is available, we don't post tuition rates because it can vary from student to student. We award tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid a year and almost all of our student receive scholarships. We are always happy to answer your questions and meet with prospective parents and students to answer any questions about the process. Please call 641-579-6046 and setup a time to meet with our principal and sit down for an educational consultation. 

Scholarship Options

Iowa Lutheran Student Tuition Organization (ILSTO):   This organization distributes collected funds to families according to their need.  St. Paul’s distributes applications for families to complete and send to the ILSTO by a given date in April for the next school year.  The ILSTO committee has a chart and formula that determines the scholarship award, and lets Lutheran Schools across Iowa know awards for their families. Their website, which includes the application and donor forms is

All families apply for STO money before applying for local scholarship money. (There is a second smaller distribution for new families, and that application fee is due in late July. Our STO requirement is waived for families coming in late summer. However, it is always better for families to apply.)

Local Scholarship Fund:    This fund is generated by one or two local Scholarship Lunch Fundraisers during the school year, by generous people and organizations who support our school, and through memorials.   After filling out a simple request form, a committee distributes the funds. We ask that families prayerfully consider the blessings God has given them and request accordingly