Why Choose St. Paul’s ?

St. Paul's Family Fun Winter Activity

Why St. Paul’s Lutheran School?

  1. Students are cared for and treated with respect and diginity. We believe each child is a gift from God, nurtured and led to become the best they can be.

  2. Multi-grade classes allow for students to daily review or extend their learning, both as students and as peer helpers.

  3. Small class size offers more potential for individual attention and flexibility in reaching different learning styles.

  4. Teaching from a Biblical world view helps students learn about history, science, reading, math, and themselves through a Christian lens. It does not shelter them, but provides the ability to discern and defend God’s Word.

  5. Test Scores demonstrate high academic standards. Iowa Assessments and MAP scores show that students are prepared for high school and beyond.  Many students go on to be leaders in high school academics and more.

  6. Family Atmosphere:  Older students help younger students in chapel families, reading, or art activities.  All the students know each other, and new faces are welcome. Being able to resolve differences, apologize, and receive forgiveness are practiced. Prayers are encouraged for thanks and supplication for students’ families.